DC Restricted License Lawyer

An individual may be eligible for a temporary restricted DC license after their license has been suspended or revoked, under certain circumstances.  This license generally allows a person to drive during certain hours to certain DMV pre-approved locations such as work, school, or to practice religion. In order to obtain a restricted license, it is important to consult with a DC restricted license lawyer, who will be able to write a motion to the DMV on the individual’s behalf and request authorization for the temporary restricted license. Furthermore, an experienced Washington DC traffic lawyer will be familiar with the process and ensure all proper deadlines are met.

Restricted License Process

To get a restricted license, individuals must submit a request to the DMV once their license has been suspended or revoked.  The request must be sent in with a letter from their employer, on their employer’s letterhead or stationary, addressed to the Adjudication Services. The letter must include a statement that states the defendant needs a license to maintain their livelihood.

The request to the DMV for a restricted license request should include the days and hours the defendant works as well as their work address. If the defendant is requesting to use the restricted license to operate a company vehicle, the make and model of the vehicle should be included. Finally, if they are requesting to operate a vehicle to travel to and from work, they should specify the necessary travel hours.

The individual or their DC restricted license attorney may then submit the request with all of the necessary documentation by mail or in person at their closest DMV.

Shortly thereafter, the individual will be notified in writing of the decision made by a hearing examiner. If approved for a temporary restricted license, they must pay a reinstatement fee of $98 and a license renewal fee totaling $44, or a duplicate license fee totaling seven dollars.

Reinstatement Process

Once a person’s suspension or revocation period has expired, to get the restrictions taken off of the restricted license, that individual must first go through the reinstatement process.  This includes the payment of the $98 reinstatement fee as well as passing both the knowledge and road test.

If someone violates the restrictions, they may be arrested and fined up to $1,000. The DMV will show the individual was operating a vehicle outside of the approved hours and restrictions that were put into place. The charge will be considered driving with a suspended or revoked license.  

Role of an Attorney

It is essential to have a restricted license lawyer in DC when an individual does not have any other means of getting to work except by driving in or through DC.  It will be necessary to have a restricted license lawyer if a person does not have access to any metro stations or if it is not feasible to access or use any other type of public transportation in the District of Columbia.