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Most traffic accidents are no big deal. Even if a driver is at-fault for an accident, their insurance will likely pay for any property or bodily damage that they inflict upon another person. However, this only applies if a motorist follows Washington DC’s rules concerning a driver’s duties following a collision.

In short, anytime that a collision causes any kind of property damage or personal injury, a driver must stay at the scene, provide identifying information, and call for medical aid if needed. Any failure to fulfill this duty is a criminal offense where a conviction can result in a loss of license, the payment of heavy fines, or even a jail sentence.

A Washington DC hit and run lawyer could help defendants who are facing charges that involve leaving the scene of an accident. A dedicated attorney‘s goal is to protect their clients’ rights to continue driving and to defeat any criminal charges that may threaten their liberty.

A Driver’s Responsibilities After a Collision

It is a core responsibility of all drivers to care for the wellbeing of all other people they may encounter while on the road. This includes a responsibility to stop after an accident does happen, regardless of who is at-fault. This responsibility is not just for civil purposes, but also carries criminal weight.

As a result, Washington DC criminalizes the act of leaving the scene of an accident. DC Code §50-2201.05c, called leaving after colliding, states that all people involved in any car accident that results in property damage or physical injury must stop at the scene of the accident.

In the case of physical injury, drivers must call law enforcement, call an ambulance if needed, and provide personal information. If the accident results in only property damage, drivers must call law enforcement and provide personal information. This law applies regardless of which driveris at-fault for the accident.

The Consequences of Leaving After Colliding

Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense. This means that a conviction will result in not just points on a driver’s license but can also result in the requirement to pay heavy fines and even a jail sentence.

A conviction involving a personal injury will automatically require a revocation of a driver’s license. In addition, a physical injury case conviction can result in a jail term of up to 180 days for a first conviction. This penalty can increase to one year in jail for a subsequent conviction.

When the collision results in only physical injury, eight points will be assessed on a driver’s license. However, the conviction can result in up to 30 days in jail for a first offense. In either event, a leaving the scene after a collision charge is a serious matter where defendants should take a strong step to defend themselves.

Speak with a Washington DC Hit and Run Attorney Today

Washington DC takes allegations of leaving the scene of an accident very seriously. DC’s code requires all participants in a collision to remain at the scene to swap information, to contact the police, and provide medical assistance when needed. Any failure to uphold this duty can result in criminal prosecution.

These prosecutions could result in the loss of a driver’s license, the payment of heavy fines, and lengthy jail sentences. It is vital that defendants facing these charges protect their future.

Hiring a Washington DC hit and run lawyer could provide this protection. Their goals are to protect their clients’ rights to continue driving and to defeat any accusations made by prosecutors that they violated their responsibilities as drivers. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation.

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